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Alumni 2019

According to the results of the job placement questionnaire that was sent in the second half of 2019, almost 90% of respondents recommend the Master's programmes taught at the IBEI.*


Are you generally pleased to have done the Master’s programme? 1 less negative - 5 more positive

* The job placement questionnaire was sent to 2015-2016 and 2017-2018 cohorts.

Alumni Highlights


Would you recommend the Master’s programme to a friend who was in the same position as you where when you began?


IBEI created a digital platform to facilitate the gathering of its alumni. 


Groups of Alumni gathered in Barcelona and visited IBEI.

The Alumni council, the body where the IBEI and the Alumni meet to discuss and design the IBEI alumni policy, kicked off at the end of November 2019. 

Tatiana Hoecker

Master’s in International Development 2017-18 

World Mission Program Coordinator for the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas
San Antonio, TX, USA

“My master’s program aided me not only in the practical learning of the international development field, but in finding new ways to problem solve and analysis issues for sustainable change. My research and communication skills improved greatly during my time at IBEI and that has helped me greatly in this position. Additionally, my thesis topic related to the work of faith-based organizations in low income countries which is what this position focuses on.” 

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