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Letter From the President & the Director

Letter from the President and the Director

Narcís Serra & Jacint Jordana

The year 2022 has been a year of consolidation for IBEI, during which several large research projects were initiated, and the number of master’s students has significantly increased, particularly compared to a few years ago. Currently, IBEI has two Erasmus Mundus programmes running, which have also played a crucial role in the Institute’s institutional consolidation. Additionally, IBEI has been continuously building extensive scholarly networks in Europe and beyond. 

However, IBEI is not just about numbers; over the years, it has evolved into a dynamic community with diverse voices. Within this vibrant community, we foster a culture of rich and intricate conversations, nurturing shared discourses and mutual understanding on pressing issues within the realm of international affairs.

The persistence of war in Europe, a growing world polarization and regionalization, or the multiple challenges of international security and development are highly debated topics. Pursuing the master’s programmes at IBEI has given students the opportunity to contrast these issues from different perspectives and values with fellow students and teaching staff from around the world. In this sense, we encourage diverse interactions at IBEI concerning current world challenges and the nuances of addressing international politics and globalization challenges. These interactions will substantially support and enrich students’ professional careers in the future.

Promoting excellent research lies at the core of IBEI’s aims, and 2022 has witnessed a significant expansion of research productivity, with an increase in the number and quality of articles and books published by IBEI researchers. We anticipate this trend to continue in the coming years, enabling our researchers to gain broader visibility and take a leading role in significant research topics. Moreover, we aim to facilitate the transfer of knowledge to policymakers and concerned citizens more generally. Consequently, we expect IBEI faculty to be even more engaged in global conversations and to make relevant contributions that enhance the understanding of global governance, security, and development.

IBEI’s internal diversity, focusing on relevant problems cutting across different academic disciplines while maintaining connections with a large number of international scholarly and professional networks, will likely contribute positively to achieving this purpose.

Jacint Jordana
IBEI Director
Narcís Serra
IBEI President
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Graduate Programmes

A community of just over 300 students,
in which there is a real possibility to forge lasting friendships and professional contacts.

Master’s in International Development

Master’s in International

Master’s in

Research Master’s
in International

Erasmus Mundus Master’s in Public Policy (Mundus MAPP)

Erasmus Mundus
Master in International
Law of Global Security,
Peace and Development (ILGSPD)

The Master’s degrees are accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Education
and are awarded by renowned Barcelona universities:

IBEI Master’s students celebrate
the Graduation Ceremony 2022

On June 27, 2022, IBEI held the graduation ceremony of its Master’s
at the Paranimf of the Universitat de Barcelona.

Quique Bassat, ICREA Research Professor and Head of the Malaria
Programme of ISGLobal, served as the keynote speaker, focusing on
global health, inequalities and how to fight them.

After the lecture, Laura Chaqués Bonafont, Professor of Political
Science at UB and Senior Research Associate at IBEI, congratulated
the students on behalf of the faculty and encouraged them in their
promising futures after their studies at IBEI.


IBEI students Shivam Shammit Ghai, Ángel Manuel Almendros
& Mercédesz Mária Lajos (Master’s in International Relations) emphasized the need for their classmates to become the change they
want to see in the world.


Ambiorix Feliz Brito, IBEI Alumni Barcelona Chapter Lead, addressed
the future graduates, stressing the relevance of the synergies and opportunities between our alumni & our recent graduates: “IBEI will always be your home,
you will always be welcome here”.

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Graduate Programmes
Other Programmes

Other Programmes





Barcelona Summer School in Global
Politics, Development and Security



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hybrid & online

Combining a graduate school
and research institute, IBEI unites research,
education, and policy engagement.



Jointly offered by IBEI and Universitat
Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)

Specialization Course
New Challenges of
Global Governance

Specialization Course
International Relations, Geopolitics and Global Governance

Postgraduate Diploma in
Geopolitics and Global



Las políticas urbanas y metropolitanas en el ámbito global

Jointly organized with Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona and UN-Habitat

 4 - 7 July 2022 




Annika Gostowski

Master’s in International Relations 2012-2013

Gender Equality and Private Sector Partnerships Specialist,
UN Resident Coordinator’s Office

Montevideo (Uruguay)

“Be patient and keep an open mind. Building a career in the field of international development or diplomacy is not easy. Take the opportunity to learn about different topics from the wide range of courses at IBEI and from fellow students from different backgrounds and world views. Doors may open in the most unexpected places and ways.”


Bastian Koop

Master’s in International Relations 2020-2021

Policy Officer, Directorate-General for
International Partnerships, European Commission

Brussels (Belgium)

“I greatly appreciate the time I spent studying at IBEI, especially the high level of flexibility to design the MIR program exactly according to your individual interest and thus optimally prepare for your future career path. Additionally, I was very happy to study alongside open-minded and intelligent fellow students, some of which have become very dear friends of mine.”


Marija Obradovic

Master’s in International Security 2014-2015

Head Legal Analyst, Tamarind Intelligence

Barcelona (Spain)


Austin Ruckstuhl

Master’s in International Relations 2015-2016

Messenger Policy Manager, Meta (formerly Facebook)

Remote (USA)

“My experience at IBEI was very positive. Professors are very knowledgeable, and the majority has good instruction skills and a way of keeping the lectures and discussions interesting. I enjoyed IBEI’s guest lectures and discussions on their respective papers. I miss the interesting daily conversations and debates in classes. The world has changed since 2014, and often I wish to be a fly on the wall in IBEI classrooms and hear the contemporary exchanges. The admission office and student coordinators were always extremely nice and helpful.”

“The program taught me how to think through formal theoretical approaches and conduct rigorous research, which I still use today. I also learned how to think deeply about complex issues while considering diverse perspectives. It also opened doors for me that I had previously not been able to access. The year before IBEI, I was managing a restaurant in Los Angeles. Now I work on one of the largest Tech Policy teams in the world.”


Diego Redondo Cripovich

Master’s in International Relations 2017-2018

Legal Officer, International Organization for Migration

Erbil (Iraq)


Susana Gonzalez Ruiz

Master’s in International Relations 2004-2005

Director of Knowledge & Foresight, AMEC
Barcelona (Spain)

“The Master programme gave me the opportunity to learn how to think and express ideas in a structured and scientific manner; a skill much useful when designing, implementing, and reporting on humanitarian projects. Moreover, the support and freedom provided to me while conducting the final dissertation helped me further dig into human rights frameworks, specifically how LGBTQI+ rights and colonialism intersect. These frameworks have shaped the way I understand humanitarian work, institutions, and development.”

“After having studied Sociology, I realized that what really appealed to me was the difference among different cultures and societies. The IBEI Master’s in International Relations offered me a wide approach to this from economics, politics, culture, and law. Apart from learning all these different aspects of international relations, I’d like to highlight the experience of working with students from many other countries and learning from teachers who are experts in their respective fields.”


Rebekah Quixano Henriques

Master’s in International Development 2020-2021

Communications and Engagement Coordinator, Tzedek

London (UK)


João Lobo

Master’s in International Relations 2008-2010

Project Analyst, Union for the Mediterranean

Barcelona (Spain)

“The professors I had always seemed open to debate and appreciated input. They were demanding but also understanding. The support provided by my personal tutor(s) were exceptional. On the whole, they did their best to make their classes engaging and up-to-date. The courses I took gave me the vital knowledge needed to teach young people about topics of social justice. The capacity approach, Colonialism, Development models, writing proposal forms, migration, poverty, sustainability, governance and GDP are now all topics I can confidently discuss.”

“At 40 years old I arrived at Barcelona wanting to make a radical change in my personal and professional career. I was looking for a wide-open programme. Since I was a kid, I had been passionate about international relations. IBEI programme’s curriculum seemed fascinating, and the part time option looked perfect, as I had a part-time job at the time. It gave me a proper framework to work on international relations’ matters. Furthermore, courses such as those on Euro-Mediterranean Relations and European Policies, in particular, were very much related with what I am currently doing.”

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