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As of September 2020, IBEI launched a new programme, the #IBEIalumni Cafés, a new initiative aimed at getting insights of the alumni professional paths among IBEI graduates.


On a regular basis, IBEI alumni offer a virtual coffee talk to share professional experiences with graduate peers in order to get insights on the global job market, post questions, learn, exchange ideas
and debate. 

#IBEIalumni Cafés in 2020

26 November 2020 | There is no map: the need to reinvent in a career in international relations with Cyntia Oliveira (MIR 2010)Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow at the German Research Foundation.

12 November 2020 | Discovering the Equality Field with Sarah Cooke 
O´Dowd (MIR 2010)
Currently working as Communication Officer at EQUINET (European Network of Equality Bodies). 


15 October 2020 | Higher Education and International Relations: a perspective from an IR graduate with Felipe Ochoa Mogrovejo (MIR 2018), Currently working as Coordinator for the Directorate General of Students - Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador. 


1 October 2020 | IR Careers in Multilateral Institutions. Profiles and trends for a new Development Landscape with Fernando Ledo (MIR 2006), Currently working as Senior Consultant. Agribusiness Development Division at the African Development Group, Côte d’Ivoire. 


17 September 2020 | How to make a Career in the Environmental Field 
with Mariona Oliva (MIR 2019)
Currently working as Vice President-Environmental and Social Studies - WSP, Colombia. 


3 September 2020 | The many Paths to Cybersecurity with Alejandro Fernández-Cernuda (MIR 2012), Currently working as Director of Communications and Marketing at Global Cyber Alliance, Brussels-Belgium. 

Federica Genna

Master’s in International Security 2015-16 

Junior Consultant Security & Justice at Ecorys

Rotterdam (Netherlands)

“The knowledge I acquired during my Master’s degree served as a useful basis to build on as I started working in the field of international security. The Master’s helped me strengthen my analytical, writing and public presentation skills, and the courses I took inspired me to continue pursuing a career in this area.
But perhaps most importantly, IBEI gave me the opportunity
to learn how to live and work in a multicultural environment.” 

Alumni online Network

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At the end of 2019, IBEI created a digital platform to facilitate the gathering of its alumni. Currently the IBEI Alumni network consists of almost fifteen hundred graduates from all over the world who have completed the IBEI Masters programmes. 

With this initiative, IBEI pretends to extend its full potential in terms of its graduates, their professional careers, as well as to encourage their encounter all over the world.

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