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2020 the year of the

COVID-19 pandemic

IBEI’s adaptation during
coronavirus lockdown

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Since the beginning of the health alert by COVID-19 in mid-March 2020, IBEI did an effort to adapt all its face-to-face activities (research, master programmes and all academic activities) into an online format.

IBEI community did not stopped during the quarantine. During this time, as a result of a collaborative and collective effort, all IBEI researchers, faculty, staff and students were able to continue working and learning from home.
In March 2020 IBEI launched the #IBEIatHome initiative, aimed to give visibility to all this effort.

Action Protocol & Statement
from the Director

Facing the activation of the health alert by COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2), IBEI created an action protocol, posted general recommendations and enabled a specific email for queries.

Besides, IBEI’s Director Jacint Jordana made a statement for all IBEI community, in order to reassure IBEI’s efforts and commitment given the situation.


Distance learning

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Classroom teaching at IBEI was suspended from Friday 13 March. IBEI moved all teaching across onto an online synchronous platform through the Virtual Campus (with live interaction with the faculty and the rest of the class) which implied a certain training to all faculty and students, in order to adapt the new situation.

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All teachers, staff and students continued to work relatively normally, while adjusting to and experimenting with the new digital environment. Their dedication and involvement were admirable and indicative of IBEI’s commitment to complete of the master’s programmes with all the guarantees of quality, despite all the restrictions we are experiencing.

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At the end of the semester all students were grateful and satisfied with the results.

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Academic Office and all masters’ programmes coordinators were available remotely to make sure everything run as smoothly as possible.

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At the beginning of new academic year 2020-21 some courses were are also offered in a hybrid way.


Information Center

Official information on IBEI coronavirus response regarding all the activities & events was updated daily.

Admissions, information
for applicants 2020-21

Information and webinars for prospective students were available on IBEI’s website in order to solve doubts on how COVID-19 could affect the admissions process and/or the next academic year.

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Webinars for each master’s programme were hosted and recorded, in order to have them available at applicants’ convenience.

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FAQ around COVID-19 situation, in order to reassure prospective students that the IBEI Admissions team was still available while working remotely and to find some of the answers to the most frequent questions derived from the COVID-19 situation.

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Virtual meetings were arranged at prospective students’ convenience, with Admissions Team or with one of IBEI Masters’ Coordinators.

Online seminars, workshops & other activities (webinars)

Since March 2020, IBEI hosted more than 40 webinars which a huge participation from people around the world:


“Barcelona Workshop on Global Governance 2020” coorganized with EsadeGeo-Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics – hosted in January 2020 face to face.

From March 2020, all IBEI Research Seminars were done online. Some of them coorganized with the Interdisciplinary Research Group on Immigration-Universitat Pompeu Fabra (GRITIM-UPF).

New Research on Trade Policy Webinar Series, in the framework of the Observatori de Política Exterior Europea (European Foreign Policy Observatory), 3 papers were presented, addressing various aspects of trade policy.


GLOBE webinars participated by IBEI researchers, included discussion around new books. 


“Confronting the Climate Crisis: Prospects for the 2021 UN Climate Summit in Glasgow. A contribution from Metropolitan Governments and “Servicios digitales y gobernanza metropolitana Servicios digitales y gobernanza metropolitana” coorganized with Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona (AMB).


“Europe and China in the times of COVID-19” coorganized with US Consulate General Barcelona


“A Dialogue on COVID-19 and Inequality” with Joan Benach (UPF) and Branko Milanovic (CUNY)


“Human Security in a Time of Covid-19” online session with Mary Kaldor coorganized with Barcelona Centre for International Affairs (CIDOB).

New seminar series on the US Foreign Policy coorganized with Institut d’Estudis Nord-americans (IEN)

The IBEI’s YouTube channel has had 
a total of 5723 video reproductions during 2020

All recorded events can be watched here:


Contributing to research
on the COVID-19 pandemic

IBEI researchers contributed to research and to analyse the COVID-19 pandemic through several articles and posts available on IBEI’s website. 




Given the health emergency around the world, IBEI Assistant Professor and Beatriu de Pinós Research Fellow Charles Roger reoriented his research on informality and global governance to respond more effectively to the new situation.  

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